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Vitamin merchant account placement and vitamin credit card processing.

Vitamin and Diet Supplement Merchant Accounts

Stop the frustration and profit loss. Get your business a customized vitamin merchant account.

It is no secret that Visa and Mastercard are cracking down on the vitamin business model, citing high chargeback ratios and deceptive business practices as the culprit. Hundreds of vitamin based websites are losing their merchant account privledges each month for the sole reason that they do not know how to be compliant. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is fast approaching.

Merchant Account Mentors has spent months searching for aquiring banks, IPSP's and ISO's willing to process for vitamin based ecommerce sales. We have succeeded and can easily place your business with some amazing processors who are more than happy to provide vitamin merchant accounts to your business.

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Merchant Accounts Made for Vitamin.

We will place you with a payment processor specializing in vitamin.

Unlike most high risk payment processors, our partners are equipped and ready to handle the vitamin business. After much negotiation with Visa & Mastercard, these payment processors were finally given a direct answer on what is and is not acceptable by the card brand standards. Our partners will show you how to make your landing pages, copywrite, and checkout pages 100% compliant all while reducing your always important chargeback ratio.

Merchant Account Mentors makes it a point not to place vitamin business with payment processors who can only handle a months worth of vitamin processing, only to shut down your business and hold the funds. This is bad business for everyone involved, so we only deal with solutions equipped to handle the needs of our diet supplement vitamin clients.

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If you have found this website, than I am sure you are already either in a bind, or are concerned about your current merchant account status, you may be in fear of getting closed or shut off by first data credit card processor. We are here to help.

Unlike countless other consultants, Merchant Account Mentors does not charge a setup or placement fee*. Instead, our payment processor partners compensate us based on your processing status. We believe this promotes better business practices between all parties and in the end, it is in our best interest to make sure you account stays up and processing and that you stay happy. Unlike our competitors who are just trying place you to collect large set up fees.

If you are ready to begin, please fill out our contact form or click on the "Live Chat" button and well will begin discussing what kind of options may be provided for your business.

*Although Merchant Account Mentors does not charge setup or placement fees, some the merchant account providers may.


Payment processors generally classify a business as vitamin if the sales tactics offer a trial based product and iniate recurring charges after the trial.

Since Visa and Mastercard began to crack down on vitamin websites, a few innovative payment processors realized the demand for the vitamin merchant account and began offering customized solutions.

These vitamin merchant accounts follow all Visa and Mastercard regulations and as long as you follow the few simple complaincy requirements, then your business will remain in goodstanding.

Vitamin Merchant Account Processing

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